Sneak Peek

Wow thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to help you with clutter issues. This may be hard to understand now but as you are about to find out on this website and course a clutter problem is actually extends out to many other areas of your life affecting them as well.

So a clutter problem is actually a bigger problem then you think and taking care of it surprisingly enough will open up other opportunities in your life.

So with that welcome aboard and let’s start to handle any clutter problems you may have.

Before you build a house you need a solid foundation. In this first lesson we are going to build your foundation for organizing and decluttering your home or office. This will be your reasons for wanting to live a clutter free existence.

Grab a pen and paper or I’m guessing you are at your computer right now, so get ready to start typing.

Do you remember the last time you did some very serious decluttering? Of course you do it wasn’t that far back ha. Why did you do it? Write down your reasons as you think of them. Maybe you had company coming over or a date you wanted to impress or you had a number of reasons. Write them down.

Now look harder, look deeper, why else? Write those down. Is there any other reasons why it would be good to declutter? Write those down.

On this website and course you will discover many more reasons why you should declutter so your list will change. Oh and this list you have… this is your inspiration for decluttering.

1. When I walk into a clutter free room I just feel better.

2. I don’t want to be embarrassed when someone comes by unexpectantly.

3. A clutter free environment has an attractive affect creating a vacuum for good stuff.

4. People will feel better in it so it will attract good people to my home.

5. I know that the way I live shows on my face and on my expression. By being clutter free I will look nicer and attract good things to me.

6. I will attract good people to my life.

7. I will attract opportunities like raises, promotions, money and nice things.

8. I know that having clutter free living conditions expands out and affects all other areas of my life.

This list is all your reasons for wanting to have an organized and clutter free home. This list is your inspiration for decluttering.

Since clutter free living affects all areas of your life when yougave us the opportunity to help you with your clutter issues you are actually asking us to help you with your entire live. That’s okay we will take this job that you entrusted us with very seriously.

Read your list daily until…

And the letter goes on for a couple more paragraphs so sign in the this great course by putting your name and email address in.

See you on the other side.