Organizing Declutter

Organizing Declutter

There are a number of very powerful weapons on this website for organizing declutter and you may think this is not one of the powerful ones but you would be wrong. And as you read how this method works you will see just how powerful it is.

This particular weapon like the other powerful ones is also very simple which is why it is so powerful (if it’s difficult or complicated it won’t work. That definitely is not the case with this).

Some days you just don’t want to do any cleaning or decluttering. Let’s face the facts it’s going to happen. Here’s how you handle that. You don’t. Bet you didn’t think I would say that did you? But if you don’t want to do it what am I going to tell you? I can’t make you do it.

But in spite of the fact that you don’t want to clean there is still a weapon you can use. And that is; just do one thing.

That’s it. That’s the weapon. Just do one measly little thing. Get rid of that stack of newspapers on the coffee table. Put that book away that’s been sitting on your desk for ages. Clean that dirty sink.

Why is this a powerful weapon for organizing declutter? Because it is easy. No matter how much you don’t want to clean you can ALWAYS do one thing. And you can do one thing seven days a week or 365 days a year. Think about that. If you do at least one thing 365 days a year that one thing is a lot of cleaning.

You say that still won’t keep up with how fast things get cluttered. Ah yes but remember you just use this weapon on the days you DON’T want to clean. This is 365 things done on top of the things you do when you do feel like cleaning. Think of it as 365 extra things.

Still not convinced it’s powerful. I understand then just try it for one month and see for yourself how powerful it is. Before you start this method take careful note of your surroundings now and check them again in one month. If it improved in a month don’t make any excuses like “but I cleaned yesterday or last week so it would have been cleaner anyway.”

The thing is maybe you cleaned yesterday or last week because there wasn’t as much clutter to deal with because of this method. Maybe by doing “one thing” you ended up doing 5 or 10 things now that you had broken the ice by doing just the one thing.

You see how this could happen from doing just one thing? Start right now it won’t ever be a burden for you to do just one thing. You will see how powerful this is for organizing declutter.

Advanced Method of Organizing Declutter
This Advanced Method is even more Powerful

Oh there’s another way that you can use this method. If you want to pick up the gradient instead of doing only one thing for the day… try doing just one thing every time you walk into the room.

You leave for launch and when you return you pick up just one thing. You go to the bathroom, hey while you’re up grab that one thing when you return.

And of course it will never be a burden for you to do just one thing every time you walk into the room and by doing so it will be immaculate in no time and it will seem like you never even cleaned it. How easy is that?

Oh what if you enter the room and the one thing you do is take out the trash. You’re going to have to enter the room when you bring the waste basket back in, what do you do then?

Believe it or not you do one thing. Yes I know taking out the trash was the one thing and now it’s like doing 2 things. This IS true and you can make an exception to the policy in this case if you feel strongly about it. But hey you don’t feel strongly about it so just do the one more thing. Wipe the dust off the radio it will just take you a second. And that way you won”t have “exceptions” to the policy.

I have a story on this note. I walked into my room once and there was an empty box with a book on top of it. Your first instinct is to put the book away (it’s on top) but knowing this method I, instead, set the book down took out the empty box and on returning to my room then put the book away without making an “exception” to the policy (no this wasn’t cheating).

The firmer you keep the policy on this method the swifter the results.

An Important Tip to Guarantee Powerful Results with Organizing Declutter

If anything can kill this method it’s hesitation.

For example: You walk into a room with the intention of going to your computer. You walk in the room and remember, “oh I godda pick up something” you hesitate as you stand there looking, looking, looking, deciding, deciding… This will kill the organizing declutter method.

So while you are normally hanging out in the room make a habit of eyeballing it to pick your next target to clean. That way before you even exit the room you will already know what to do when you re-enter. There will be zero hesitation as you enter and walk straight to your next target and immediately handle it.

By eyeballing it before hand and selecting your next target you will have zero hesitation on re-entering which will guarantee huge success with this method.

There is one final touch to this weapon to really cement it in solid for you. When you look around the room to locate your next target write it down on a piece of paper and while you are at it write down 5 or 6 targets in the order you want to handle them kind of like a declutter list. Now tape this declutter list to the door so you can see your next target as you exit the room and you can see it when you enter the room. Scratch off each one after you tackle it.

I’m sure you can see that this is going to be a very powerful weapon on your war against clutter and it is. To make this method even more powerful and improve your life put your name and email address in the opt in box on the right.