How to Declutter

How Declutter

Most of the articles on this website contain very, very powerful tools on how to declutter.

And for that reason most of the articles are very short giving only one tool per article, the powerful tool. We don’t want to give you a powerful tool and then also add a bunch of other not so powerful tools as it will make it seem less powerful when it is mixed in with all the other tools.

The truth is there are a handful of decluttering tools (let’s say 7) each one of which would completely declutter your place and keep it decluttered.

So the point is if you don’t like the tool on this page don’t give up, check the other powerful tools to find the one that you do like and then go to town with it.

So on this particular page, how declutter, you will receive only one tool which, all by itself will completely handle your clutter problems.

Now I have to give you 2 warnings about this particular tool. First of all you may invalidate this tool by saying, “oh this is too simple” or “this is just common sense” or “obvious” etc. And you would be right but then ask yourself, if you actually used this tool would it work. If the answer it yes (which it will be) then ask the question are you using it?

The truth is it is common sense but the truth also is you are not using it because if you were your place would be totally clutter free. If you do actually choose to use this particular method you will be clutter free very fast.

That was the first warning the second warning is this particular how declutter method does require a little bit of self discipline. It does require a little bit of time and a little bit of effort. The good news is we figured out a way to take most of the effort out of it and make it more confrontable. And here’s how we do that.

Don’t try to tackle your whole decluttering job in one try it may be too overwhelming. For this particular how declutter tool pick yourself a target that needs to be decluttered, a desk top, a drawer of the desk, a corner of the room, a closet, a corner of the closet, what ever.

Now take 2 hours out of your day and do as much as you can in those 2 hours (on your your chosen target) and quit. If you finish your chosen target before the 2 hours you can take a win on it and quit for the day but I would suggest that while you are on a win that you continue on to the next target and getting a good start on that. (did you ever hear that the best time to make a sale is after you make a sale) (same thing: the best time to declutter an area is after you decluttered an area) the win you had gives you more confidence to do it again.

Tomorrow take 2 more hours and do as much as you can on your chosen target and so forth until it is clean. Then choose the next area and devote 2 hours to that until it is immaculate and so on until the place is completely spotless. You can put on a white glove and with your finger rub different areas and there should be no dust on the glove.

As you can see this method does require some self discipline but the great thing about this tool is your place will be immaculate in a very short time.

By doing only 2 hours per day it takes the “overwhelm” out of it and makes the decluttering job much easier to confront. And at the end of the 2 hours you will be able to see an immaculate area which helps spur you on the next day.

What makes this method so powerful is that you chose a very specific spot as opposed to “the whole house or the whole room.” If you chose the whole house as your target you would pick up “little bits” of clutter from various places of a very large area (a house) and the improvement would be unnoticeable. And this would discourage you and cause you to give up.

By sticking to just one small area until it is immaculate you can see the huge improvements you made in your 2 short hours. This will greatly encourage you to stick to your schedule each day and spur you on to move forward until the job is complete, your place is beautiful and you are ready for company to come over.

In other words if it’s specific it’s easier to see the contrast, a general declutter won’t be as obvious. And that’s what makes this how declutter tool so powerful.

Just look at the target you decluttered and compare it to the area you are about to declutter. Look at and get confidence from the decluttered area(s) and look at the cluttered area and know you can do it as well and then do it. This will keep you on track. This is how to declutter.

If you would like check out a book of tools on decluttering check it out here How to Declutter