Decluttering Life

Decluttering Life

Decluttering life of all mental, emotional and physical clutter and greatly improving life is a lot easier then you think if you know this one thing: Every area of your life affects every other area.

That’s really it now all we need to do is explain what that means. You may think that the different areas of you life are isolated and have no connection with each other. You may believe that your personal life or your family life life has nothing to do with or is not connected to your business but you would be wrong. They all affect each other. And more then you think.

Your personal life very much affects your relations with your spouse (or significant other). Your relationship with your significant other very much affects your business. Again this is for real and it is to a greater degree then you think it is.

At this point I’m supposed to give you testimonials and proof but I’m not going to do that because you won’t believe it or think that it doesn’t apply to you. You will only believe it when you see the proof in your own life. But let’s throw in a real simple example just so you can see it in action.

Let’s say you are currently unmarried in fact you don’t even have a significant other. Now let’s say your living quarters are completely cluttered and messy. How much confidence do you think you will have in approaching the lady (or man) of your dreams? Not sure? Would you like to bring that person back to your place for dinner? God no you would die of embarrassment. Now how confidence do you think you would have approaching a potential significant other? How much confidence do you think you will have in general?

Believe it or not your feeling of self confidence stems directly from your ability to control your surroundings. If your place is cluttered and disorganized it communicates to your brain that you can’t even control the clutter in your own living quarters and it will kill your self confidence. Which in turn will drastically hold you back.

Let’s say you got your living quarters together and you got the significant other of your dreams. Now you want the job of your dreams and you go on a few job interviews. If you have the person of your dreams in your life do you think you may exude a little more confidence, radiate a little more cheerfulness, you may be a little more positive and enjoyable to be around? Do you think it may be easier to pass an interview and get a job?

Are you seeing how one area affects the other areas of your life? They very much do.

It all starts with your personal life, your living quarters and your personal possessions and habits.

And this is great news because it gives us the key to decluttering life and improving all areas. You now have the starting point. You start with yourself, you start with your living quarters. Believe it or not if you have disorganized cluttered living quarters per the above it will affect all other areas of your life. So that’s where you begin. You declutter and organize your living quarters. Then if your vehicle is messy you clean it up and so on with your body, hair, teeth, clothes, and other possessions and watch your life change overnight.

You will make lots more money you will get that significant other. The great news is you won’t have to wait long for the good things to start happening. You don’t even have to fully finish decluttering your life all you have to do is be in the process of it and you will start seeing improvements occurring in other areas of your life.

Fortunately improving all areas of your life and increasing your happiness simply starts and finishes with taking good care of your surroundings, yourself and your possessions.

Isn’t that fantastic it makes decluttering life, all areas of life, very easy. Go ahead give it a try. Again it’s not like you will have to wait long to start seeing the improvements happening you will probably start seeing results immediately.

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