Decluttering Help

This tool will give you a lot of Decluttering help. It is a very fun little tool. It’s very simple and it works in the following manner.

You pick and an area any area, preferable an area that is susceptible to gathering clutter but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a corner of a room, a closet, a desk top, a coffee table or what ever. One small area.

Now this small area you assign as your clutter free zone. And you keep this small area clutter free at all times, always, for ever. Get the idea you never allow clutter in that area.

A curious phenomena will happen. If you are sunbathing at a spotless beautiful beach are you going to leave any litter when you leave the beach? No. Well it’s interesting that if the beach is already littered you may actually leave your litter behind. People figure why not it’s already littered anyway what’s a little more? And there is a certain amount of logic to it.

This phenomena is actually well know to the police. Say for instance there is an abandoned house and one day it has a broken window. A few days later there may be a second broken window or there may be graffiti on the walls or the door is broken and eventually the house is thrashed. And then it begins to spread to the rest of the neighborhood.

It starts out in one small area and then it spreads and spreads to the surrounding areas.

Well the same thing happens when you have one polished very clean area. If you keep it very clean it has a tendency to spread to the surrounding areas. And that’s the simplicity and also the power of this decluttering help tool.

It’s interesting that in the Bible it says that if a person does a good job with little things he will do a good job with big things. It actually mentions this a number of times in the Bible and it even tells a story of a master that had each of his slaves do a small chore. The slave that did the worst job the master got angry with. The slave that did the best job was put in charge of a city. And that’s because if you do a good job with little things you will do a good job with big things.

It’s kind of a fun concept and it does make since. So the idea of this decluttering help tool is to force you to do a good job, a very good job on a small little area and from that you will eventually do a great job on the entire area. Fun idea isn’t it. Try it you will like it and get results with it.