Declutter Your Paper

Declutter Paper

Declutter Paper

I’m in an industry that does very well so it makes guys like me a target for people who promote there goods and services through the mail. So I’ve always received lots and lots of mail. I get small post cards, huge order catalogs and absolutely everything in between. And the problem every single piece of mail I get is fantastic.

Most people call it junk mail I call it fantastic mail. Because some of it really does work quite well if you actually implement it which I have done and with very good results. So some of this “junk” mail can actually be good stuff. Fantastic even.

I receive letters on great upcoming seminars, new systems, ways to make lots more money and on and on and on. All of it is so good I used to find it impossible to throw any of it out. So the mail and papers used to pile up very high and very fast. I literally had many piles of papers in my office practically up to the ceiling. I just couldn’t get rid of anything.

I came up with an idea all on my own that has been working non-stop for many years now. I got a big waste basket to hold all my fantastic mail and papers and if I wanted to retrieve something that was of particular interest I could. If I didn’t retrieve it in time it all went out when the basket got filled.

If you want to know how to declutter paper that’s it. If you aren’t quite that bold no sweat, there’s a wimp system you can use.

Get 2 baskets, not waste baskets (trays I guess you could also call them) (this is the wimp system), get 2 of those baskets you put on your desk that pile one on top of the other and you put papers in them. Yes you know the kind.

Now all the junk mail I mean fantastic mail that comes in you look it over and act on it or toss it. Now if you have a maybe on it… you don’t know whether to toss it or act on it you need to think about it for a “little while” first then put it in the top basket.

When the top basket gets full you declutter paper by going through it and toss it or act on it. If you still are in a maybe on some of it it still looks to good to toss but you still aren’t ready to move on it yet) put the remaining paper in the second basket.

Pretty soon the top basket fills again so you go through it. Put the maybes in the second basket. Finally the second basket is full so you take those out and this time you really do toss or act on it.

If you are really a wimp you can even do a third basket. But that’s it. No more wimpiness then this. Get real you’ve had it more then long enough if you don’t act on it now you never will, so act now or say good by to it forever.

And that’s how you declutter paper.

Some decluttering systems drop out after awhile and you have to use self discipline to re-implement them. But the beauty of this system is once you implement it, it will NEVER drop out. Like I said I have been using this method non-stop for years now.

For more powerful ideas there is an entire ebook on decluttering at declutter paper check it out.

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