Declutter and Organize Your House and Workplace

Declutter and Organize

The declutter organize tool will really test your resourcefulness which is why it is not only effective but also fun. To survive this technique you have to have fun with it you have to look at is as a challenge to your resourcefulness. You have to make it a game. The game only has one rule.

You touch an item once and only once.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with papers on a desk or organizing your closet. You reach for an item, you touch the item, you deal with the item completely. That means you don’t set it down and do the next item, rather you handle the one you touched so that it is completely handled not just set aside “to do later.”

It is true that some of the items may take some time. Maybe it was an application that you touched that may take twenty or thirty minutes to fill out after which you need to stuff in an envelope, address, stamp, seal and mail. Sure you will be tempted to handle the piece of paper right under it that will take 5 seconds. Don’t do it. If the application needs to be done anyway you might as well do it now. After that you can do the 5 or so quick pages underneath.

And that’s all there is to the technique. It will completely declutter and organize your house, your place of business or your car.

The declutter organize technique does take a little bit of self restraint. As mentioned above you may grab an item and realize the item just below is an item that you can simply throw in the garbage and so it would be much easier to set your item down and grab the one underneath. You just have to look at it as a game that has ups and downs.

Any great game has times when you say, “oh noooooooo” and other times when you are jumping out of your seat screaming with excitement. That’s exactly how you have to look at the declutter organize technique. There will be times of dread but just know that any downer will be followed with a more then equivalent win and the entire game will also finish off with a huge win because your place will be decluttered and beautiful. And you will be surprised how fast this technique works.

This declutter organize technique will do something else for you as well.

Many of the times your place got cluttered it did so because you lacked the confront to decide on or deal with an item in the first place.

Some item came along and rather then deal with it like you should have you set it aside “to deal with later.” So it got put on hold. In other words it became clutter. As you continue putting things aside for later the clutter builds up and can get overwhelming which will further pound down your confront like a hammer.

If you do this declutter organize technique the right way, that is without cheating, it will shoot your confront through the roof. You have successfully dealt with every single thing that came your way without deviating (to an easier item) even once. Knowing that you did this will build your confidence and confront so that it continues after the game is over.

By playing this game a few times your confront will continue to rise each time until it remains long after the game is over and it will even spill over into other areas of your life. Eventually you will always touch an item once and only once thus preventing the build up of clutter in the first place. And this is the goal and final outcome of this declutter and organize technique.

So start and have fun with it!

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