Declutter On

This fun little tool will help you do a declutter on anything.

Let’s say you really don’t want to do any declutter on a room or your office or your desk. You just can’t confront the task. This simple little tool will completely transform your attitude on decluttering.

Go up to the cluttered area and with your hand reach out and touch the area. You can touch the actual clutter itself but you don’t have to. It can be the area surrounding the clutter. You can touch the wall, a desk top, a table or a lamp or carpet, or the actual clutter itself. You reach, touch a spot and then withdraw your hand from the spot.

Now reach out and touch another spot and then withdraw from the spot and go all around just simply reaching and withdrawing.

If you feel it would be best to reach and withdraw for the actual clutter itself then do that. You can reach and withdraw from the clutter many times and then start expanding out touching areas around the clutter.

By doing this for a while, it may take 30 minutes, maybe you need to do it for a few minutes on a couple of different days, whatever you will have a very definite attitude change towards the clutter. You will be able to confront the clutter with ease and you will be able to do some actual decluttering on the area very easily now, even with some actual enthusiasm.

There’s technical reasons why this tool works. It increases your reality on the area which raises your affinity for the area and for the task of decluttering on the area.