Declutter an Office

Declutter Office

Declutter office is a tool every business person needs because clutter can and will devour you and your office if you don’t have an effective tool to keep it at bay.

As a busy business man myself I was devoured many times by the clutter monster. I receive mountains of mail. Some of the mail you act on some of the mail you throw out and some of the mail is in between and you don’t know whether to act on it or throw it out. You can call this your “maybe” mail. Maybe I should act, maybe I should toss.

Since you are unable to make a decision on it you set it aside “temporarily” to decide on it later.

Every business person has a maybe pile. And they usually contribute to the maybe pile on a daily basis thinking some day they are going to go through this pile and act on some of this stuff. But usually that day never arrives and the maybe pile grows and grows and becomes a monster and devours him or her.

Why does stuff go into a maybe pile? Well I’m in a lucrative industry and daily I get stuff that says if use this method “your client base will double in thirty days or your money back” and if you use this other system “your profit will tremendously increase” and another system that is “guaranteed to blow away the competition or your money back.” And then there’s all the magazines that come in that have fantastic articles that you really want to read if you ever get some free time.

Sure a lot of this stuff is promotion and they are trying to sell you something but never the less it isn’t easy to throw out something that “guarantees to dramatically increase your income in the next 60 days.” You just can’t throw something like that in the garbage I mean what if it’s true (and some of it is) so you put it in the maybe pile to “find out later” how to increase your income… Later never arrives and this is how the pile grows.

Fortunately there is way to handle this monster. And best of all it requires no effort and no time.

That’s right you read that correctly, it requires ZERO effort and ZERO time.

I stumbled on this powerful declutter office tool many years ago and the problem has never ever returned. Want to know why it never returned? Just read the paragraph above one more time, that’s why it never ever returned. It is completely effortless.

You get a good sized waste basket and all the maybes that come across your desk you place in the waste basket. If it sounds like I’m being funny (“oh he’s just throwing them out funny ha ha”) I’m not. This does NOT throw them out. It does save them in a waste basket but it really does save them because; it’s going to take a couple of weeks to fill that thing up so you do have plenty of time to retrieve it.

Since you have the option of retrieving it anytime it makes putting it in the waste basket completely safe. It takes all the fear out of “throwing something out that could be valuable.” You know you can pull it back out. At the end of the two weeks if you haven’t fished it out it gets chucked.

If this sounds incredibly easy that’s because it is and that’s exactly why it works so well; it’s EASY to do.

I have been using this method for years, it has never dropped out, it has kept the clutter monster from even being born and I have never to this day thrown anything out that I regretted. In fact I don’t believe I have ever even retrieved anything out yet either.

Prior to this method it would all go into a pile that would grow week after week with all kinds of maybe mail, great magazines and great articles and it would eventually take over my office. And that’s a true admission I’m giving you.

So this declutter office tool really is completely effortless, takes zero time and it really does work. In fact it even takes zero time to set it up. You can use the waste basket you already have and literally start right this second. If you have maybe mail put it in right now (don’t worry you can still retrieve it if you want) and continue this as the mail comes in and in no time you will see that this really is a very powerful way to declutter an office.

You know after writing this article I just realized that it looks like I have just told you to throw out all your maybe mail into the garbage. But seriously until this second I never looked at it this way. I have always felt I was putting it all in a “holding pattern” with the option of saving it if I want to and I will continue to look at it this way because it works. And you should do the same because if you think you are “permanently throwing it out without the option to save it” you may not do it I know I didn’t and it became a monster and devoured my office. Now with my current viewpoint (it’s just a holding pattern) the clutter monster hasn’t been a problem for many years.

Another thing I just realized is that what I call “maybe mail” you may have dismissed as “junk mail” and yes a lot of it is. However I have occasionally followed up on some of this so called “junk mail” and it did in fact turn out to be very profitable. So that’s why I don’t call it “junk mail” because some of it does have a lot of value (which is why it is hard to “throw away” because some of it is the real deal, it’s maybe mail). That’s why this declutter office tool is necessary to any business man who is open to and welcomes new ideas (even when those new ideas come in the form of maybe mail).

You can also see that there was no hype about this declutter office tool. It is an extremely powerful tool that literally requires no effort at all and no time!

Oh and I can’t help to point out he obvious. This is only one idea on one short page that will prevent serious amounts of clutter and it will work for ever. Well the great news there’s an entire book written on the subject will help you at declutter office go check it out!