Declutter List

Declutter List

There is a very powerful reason to make a declutter list especially when you combine this weapon with it’s other half which you can access on this link organizing declutter.

One reason this weapon is so powerful is because it makes decluttering very easy to do. In fact it takes this tedious chore and makes it not only effortless but even fun and enjoyable, if you can believe that. Read on to see.

Instead of confronting the overwhelming chore of confronting all the clutter in its complete entirety at one time this method breaks it down into very easy to confront little tiny pieces. This take all the burden and all the “chore” out of organizing and decluttering.

Certainly you’ve done to-do lists before and probably currently use one. If you are a busy business person this is an invaluable tool. Instead of keeping a hundred things in your head, which is actually just a lot of mental clutter, you get it all out of your head by writing everything down on a piece of paper (which will actually greatly declutter your mind).

If you are real conscientious you will put them in the order they need to be done with a the date next to each item on when it needs to be done. No more sorting through a cluttered head trying to figure out what needs to be done next and forgetting many times. It’s all on paper clear as can be.

This is sort of how the declutter list works and it makes organizing and decluttering very easy and very confrontable. First off you are going to declutter a workplace of your house you don’t tackle the whole place at once. You don’t even do a whole room at once unless it’s already pretty spotless.

You take on item in the room, the one item you want to do first. Maybe it’s to clean that desk top unless there is a lot on the desk top in which case it’s just that pile of papers next to the computer. Just one very small very easy to deal with chunk of clutter. Then you write down the next thing you want to deal with and so on until you have a list of about ten things. All of them in the order you want to do them.

And to make it even easier yet you don’t even do them. At least not yet. You even have permission to put it off. Man did I tell you this method was easy? It doesn’t get easier then this does it?

So when do you do them? How can we make this easy, so easy, so very, very easy? I know.

You take your new declutter list you just wrote up, or typed up on your computer and put it somewhere real obvious so that you will see it the next time you walk into the room. I know how about the door? Outside, inside what ever works for you but next time you walk into the room there it is right in front of your face. There is no time lost you just immediately do the first thing on the list without hesitation before you even sit down. It will be done in one minute and then you scratch off the first one and now you can sit down.

The next time you come to your room it’s the same thing you do the next and the next until everything on the list is scratched off.

All with no effort on your part. And if you just do this each time you enter, in no time at all the place will be beautiful.

As you can see the declutter list takes all the effort and all the confront out of what would otherwise be a distasteful task and even injects a little bit of fun into the whole process.

As you can see this is another very powerful weapon on the war against clutter. For even more power check out the book on the right side of the page.