Declutter Life

Declutter Life

Have you ever been to someone’s house and it was unbelievably immaculate? Did you make an opinion about that person because of it?

How about, have you been to someone’s house and it looked like the city dump? Did you make an opinion about this person? Was it the same opinion as the immaculate house? No of course not.

You made opinions about both people by the appearance of their house and rightfully so. You judged both people by the appearance of their living quarters, their work place or their car and rightfully so.

Their outward surroundings actually says a lot about the person, it is a reflection of what’s going on inside them.

Their outward environment is only an outward manifestation of their internal environment. You want to know what a person is like on the inside? Just look at his outward environment.

You know which one you can trust. If you give a job to them you know which one will get the job done and get it done right. You actually know a great deal about both of these people and you can make very accurate predictions about these people just by looking at their outward surroundings.

In fact the way a person lives, in a dump or immaculate surroundings, will over time even show on the persons face. You can literally very easily tell which one lives which way just by looking at them. Hey you can always tell the bum in the street just by looking at them can’t you? Yes it’s the same thing.

Let me share a story on this maybe you have a similar one of your own (if you are honest about it). After graduation from college there was a guy in my class that went on to live in his van. He made a good living but he lived in his van and not just temporarily but for years. Maybe he thought buying or renting a place was a waste of money I don’t know what his thinking was. But in spite of the fact that he was self employed and made a good living he started to take on a homeless look. Every few years I would bump into him and you could see his looks change. The last time I saw him he was still employed and making money only now you would say he is definitely a homeless person. Which is what he was actually. Only now he very definitely looks the part (in spite of the fact that he’s still doing okay financially).

Probably many people from our class wouldn’t even recognize him because he now looks so different having taken on the looks of a homeless person.

In other words not only do you effect your surroundings but your surroundings very much effect you, even your very appearance.

First you affect your surroundings and then if the conditions remain unchanged your surroundings turn around and affect you.

From this what do you get? If you think you can ignore your surroundings, your work place and your living quarters and get away with it you are wrong. If you think your surroundings are too unimportant to waste your time on you would be wrong. Your surroundings affect you very much. If you have a cluttered and unorganized surroundings your mind and your life will be cluttered and unorganized. And this will create a depressing effect on your emotions.

The great news is now that we know that our surroundings affect us we can now do something about it. If you want to alter your life, declutter life all you need is simply declutter your surroundings.

If you effect your surroundings in a favorable way your surroundings will likewise effect you in a favorable way. You want good things from your surroundings? You want a better life. You want to declutter life then you have to declutter your surroundings.

It’s that simple if you want to declutter life then all you have to do is declutter, clean and organize your surroundings.

There is actually more I want to say on this subject (actually a lot more I would like to say) but this article is already too long. So please opt in on the right so I can talk to you further on how to declutter life.