Where Do You Find Declutter Help for Home or Office?

Where to find competent declutter help?

In this website we’ve given you some very easy yet very power tools to declutter your home, car, boat or office. You don’t need any declutter help. But if you are just to busy to deal with it there is a solution for you.

Believe it or not there was a lady that stayed at my house for a while and she was a professional organizer, Heather was her name (I can hear you, “oh so that’s where Russ got all his decluttering weapons from.” Ha). Her rate was very expensive but I hired her for some work (actually no it wasn’t for decluttering) (it was for dealing with and selling to high end clients). She was very together, exuded confidence and was extremely competent, while at the same time being very personable and friendly with everyone, all the things you would expect in a professional organizer.

I’ve actually touched on this point is some of the articles on this website. When you keep clutter free surroundings it just radiates confidence to other people. People just get a sense that you are a competent person. Which in turn has all kinds of other benefits for you, like making more money because you are so competent.

Apparently there is a national group of organizers and she was one of the members. In fact the group is called NAPO which is short for the National Association of Professional Organizers. If you want declutter help this is where to get. Just look it up on the internet. Just put the name in Google and it will come up.

The website is fun to check out. There’s all kinds of information on the topic they will even teach you how to become a professional organizer yourself. The work is fairly lucrative, Heather used to charge $100 per hour which is a fairly typical rate for them. And this is probably about what you will pay if you hire one. I can’t tell you how many hours you will need one but it’s not very many usually. If you have an ongoing clutter situation you might want to hire on an ongoing basis like a couple of hours per month to handle all you organizing needs.

There’s even seminars for professional organizers and Heather used to go to them when they would come around to pick up all the latest and greatest tips on organizing. A great seminar is always a great shot in the arm for raising excitement which is always needed once in a while.

It’s good to interview a few of them to make sure you get a good one and get some references and follow up on the references. To tell you the truth Heather is the only person I’ve met from the organization and I would never need to interview anyone else after meeting her. I would just hire her on the spot if I had a need. But anyway there’s where you can get some competent organizing help if you need it.