Declutter Day

Declutter Day

First of all we don’t really recommend a declutter day because there are other decluttering tools available on this website and in our book that will make it unnecessary to spend a whole day on decluttering. But if you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind taking a day out to devote to the activity there’s a very powerful tool that will make declutter day way more effective and far easier for you.

The number one thing that clutters up a place is holding on to things that aren’t being used and haven’t been used in years and will never ever be used in the future. More then 90% of the things in a cluttered place are things that will never be used. You could literally toss out 90% of the stuff you have and you would never ever miss it.

This is surprising and even hard to believe isn’t it? But test it out. Look around right now at the things in your cluttered area and ask yourself when was the last time you used that thing, be it a book, a bunch of books, a folder, a game, a magazine, any thing.

When’s the last time you used it and what is the truthful likelihood you will use it tomorrow or next week or even next month? If you haven’t touched it in a few years and you know you won’t be using it in the next month then the probability is you will never ever use it again. You will see for yourself that at least 90% of things in your clutterd area will fall into this category. That’s an eye opener isn’t it?

The great news is you now have a solution to 90% of your clutter problem. Just toss it, sell it or give it away because you will never use it again.

Can you imagine getting rid of 90% of your things? I’ve actually done it before. I’ve thrown out over 90% of my things. Even the little bit I kept I only kept to resell because it was too expensive to get rid of. So technically 100% of the stuff I no longer needed.

Admittedly it was all in a storage unit I was renting. But it was a big storage unit 10 feet by 20 feet. That’s a big unit that I had been paying big bucks on for many years and it contained lots of stuff (imagine how much you can store in a 10 by 20. It’s a lot of stuff I tossed that I had “sure” I would need some day).

But think about that. Could you throw out 100% of your stuff and never miss it? Probably not a hundred percent but it sure gives you something to think with when it comes to tossing things. You can probably be a lot more liberal with your tossing then you think you can (because you thought 90% was high).

Oh and in case you refuse to throw some things out because you think you will regret it later, I had the same consideration and to this date there is not one thing I regret tossing. And in the unlikelihood that you do miss it later just buy another one because at most it will only be one or two things. It’s a lot better to throw out the 30 things then to keep them cluttering your place up when all you will ever need in the far off distant future is one of them. Just toss them and buy it later if you really need it.

Here’s another way to look at it. If your place caught on fire what are the things you would grab? A few family photos, your computer, maybe some legal documents, some jewelry? Those are the things that you really need. What is the percentage of those few things? Less then 10% isn’t it? By the way that’s a good exercise, you should make a list of those things you would grab in case of a fire (it’s better to figure it out now then when your place is on fire).

That’s the solution to 90% of your clutter…just toss it all out, it’s a totally liberating experience. You will feel like a million bucks. You will be surrounded by all kinds of clutter free space. How liberating.

It’s not hard, that’s really all there is to the declutter day tool, I really can’t add too much more. Look at the items in your cluttered area and ask those questions. How long has it been? What’s the realistic likelihood (realistic) that I will use it in the future and then keep it or toss it. If you are keeping more then 25% you probably aren’t being realistic.

But no problem, in a month or so have another declutter day and go over the remaining stuff and ask yourself the same questions and you will be throwing out some more stuff.

Will you need to throw out expensive things? Probably. I threw out many things that I had paid hundreds of dollars for (but it was costing me thousands to store it) and I was not using any of it and would never use any of it again and I have absolutely no regrets about getting rid of any of it and either will you if I can give you my opinion on it.

Using this decluter day technique is now saving me thousands of dollars in storage costs. There’s a book with many such tools in a book I wish to God I had had a long time ago. For many decluttering ideas check out the book at declutter day Check it out it will free up lots of clutter space and may save you thousands of dollars like it would have done for me had I know.