Declutter Before

This article, declutter before, like many of the articles on this website will present to you one very powerful weapon for removing clutter and only one.

If this particular weapon, as powerful as it is does not resonate with you that’s fine but absolutely do NOT deprive yourself of the other powerful weapons on this website. Check out a few of the other weapons on the other pages and find the one that you do like and you know will work for you.

Declutter before is a very simple idea (which is WHY it is so powerful) that works like this: Through out your day you are involved with a multitude of activities. Some of them are pleasurable joyful activities some of them not so pleasurable. Do the less pleasurable activity first and then reward yourself with the pleasurable one.

A joyful activity may be going for a walk in the park, a good meal, a movie, a TV show, a video, making a call to a friend and so on. Or it could be getting on the internet and reading your email or sending email to friends. There are many, many joyful things you do throughout the day.

A not so pleasurable activity might be washing the dishes, washing the car, cleaning the car or bathroom or kitchen, picking up the clutter in a room or on a cluttered desk, etc., etc.

Now normal human nature is to do the joyful activities first and putting off the less joyful activities. This is normal human nature, we all do it this way and why not.

The only drawback to this system is that it’s too easy for the less joyful activities, like cleaning or removing clutter to be very easily bumped to the next day, and then the next day and the next and so on until you you eventually have a mountain of clutter to deal with.

And now you have a very hard to confront problem. Much harder then it was a few days ago when it was just a little baby clutter. Now you have a very unpleasant task you have to deal with which makes it that much easier to bump to the next day. So now you now have a vicious cycle because you didn’t deal with it when it was just a baby clutter.

The clutter has taken on a life of it’s own and it is now in control of you instead of you in control of it.

There is a way to reverse everything by turning this whole cycle around. You declutter before you enjoy.

The way life in general really works, when you actually look at it, is you do the not so pleasurable things first and the pleasurable things last.

Think about it. When you go to a movie what do you do before you actually watch the movie. You do the unpleasant first: you take your hard earned money out of your wallet and pay for the movie. You do the unpleasant thing first. And actually before that you had to do the hard work to get the money in the first place. And actually the reason you did the hard work in the first place was so you could treat yourself to the pleasures of life later.

And this applies to just about everything you can think of the less then pleasurable things actually come first not last. So this is how you should always think and act. When you do the unpleasant things first you get rewarded with the pleasurable things later.

So anyway what does all this mean? It means before you do any of your joyful activities throughout the day first do an unpleasant activity.

Think of it like with the movies we talked about. Do the work first so you can reward yourself with the pleasure later.

You can use this with anything and you can also use it to clean up all your clutter. If you simply declutter before you do the pleasurable things you will have a very clean clutter place in no time.

If you find this impossible to do. You have to call your friend or check your email before you do anything else. Then just do one unpleasant thing first. Hang up that shirt you have draped over the chair or pick up that one piece of paper that missed the waste paper basket. You can do at least one thing.

Pick up that one piece of paper that missed the garbage or that one shirt you left on the floor or that one letter on your desk on top of all the other letters. At least do one thing. No more rewarding yourself with a joyful activity until you do the necessary but possibly less joyful activity activity first. Even if it’s just one little thing.

If you use this very simple very powerful declutter before any thing else method from now on you will see that it is extremely easy to do and it will completely declutter and transform you living condition, your office and even your life.

You haven’t even started using this technique yet but you can already see what a very powerful weapon this declutter before tool is. Check out our book on the right for 80 pages of great information that will completely transform living conditions.