Declutter an Office Once and For All

When it comes to business time equal money and one of the biggest time hogs is paper work and every office is cursed with a certain amount of it. So in this article we are going to discuss a couple of tips to declutter an office of paper. All the paper. And once and for all! Does that sound good? Thought you might like that.

You get yourself a few trays. We can start with 7 or 8. You take 3 of the trays and you stack them in the left far corner of your desk, within arms reach but out of your face.

The top tray you label as “in basket” the middle tray you label as “pending basket” and the bottom tray you label as “out basket.” Now take all your paper and place it in the top basket the “in basket.” Now you are going to go through the pile of paper and you are going to toss some of it, some of you will delegate, some of it you are going to have to deal with so you either deal with it or put it in the second basket the “pending basket” to deal with later.

Now there’s still going to be paper or mail or magazines still left in the top basket. This is stuff you do not want to toss and yet it’s not exactly things you have to “deal” with. It’s things like trade journals, interesting mail with some hot tips in them, maybe things that have nothing to do with business at all like maybe magazines on your hobbies that you look at when you are supposed to be working.

You go through all this remaining stuff and you categorize them. Now you grab your 4 or 5 remaining trays and you label them with the appropriate categories, “hobbies,” “promotion,” “trade journals” and etc. We will call this your tree. If you don’t have enough trays for all the different categories you can divide a tray by putting 2 or 3 folders in the tray and labeling it accordingly.

Now the top tray of the 3 trays should be empty and there should be paper in the pending basket. Now that pile of unsorted paper has all been organized and the stuff you actually need to deal with is all nice and neatly tucked away in the pending tray. There is no more looking for that paper you knew you had to deal with or even worse, completely forgetting it only to come across it after the deadline has passed. It’s all right there ready to be dealt with when you are ready.

Oh what about the bottom tray, the “out basket?” When you finish taking care of articles in the pending tray some of it will need to be mailed and some of it will need to be filed away so rather then jumping up and down you put you put it all in the out basket to be done at one time.

Oh and the tree with the hobby magazines and trade journals? Put that were you want but I would recommend not within arms reach. HA And that’s how you declutter an office.